Property Lynx Lda Chartered Surveyors was established in order to consolidate and improve upon the range of independent services being offered to property purchasers, property professionals, banks and others since 1998.


Ian Rostron BSc MRICS, the Managing Director, has been living and working as a Chartered Surveyor in the Algarve since 1990. Having helped establish Abbey National Offshore’s representative office near Almancil, he became a staff valuer, working throughout Portugal and also in southern Spain.


In 1998, Ian left Abbey National and became an independent Chartered Surveyor, this move enabled him to expand the range of services offered and allowed him to build up a very much larger client base. Property Lynx Lda now work with, and have established contacts with a large number of respected property professionals, lawyers, architects and others in the region.


This means that a full range of professional services and advice is available to clients no matter how large or small their requirements may be. Following recent changes in legislation, we are able to arrange for Energy Certificates to be issued, and we have recently introduced our unique Home Information Pack here in Portugal to help sellers as well.


Why Property Lynx? As a small firm of independent Chartered Surveyors, it is vital to have established ‘Lynx’ with other specialists. These links give clients who may be unfamiliar with overseas property purchase immediate access to a vast range of knowledge and expertise.


Also, the Iberian Lynx is a creature closely associated with Portugal, particularly the Algarve. However, there are now only 2, possibly 3 areas in southern Spain where there are breeding populations and the number of Lynxes left in the entire Iberian Peninsular is now probably less than 200.

You will find ‘Lynx’ to organisations committed to helping this animal contained within this web site. Hopefully by raising awareness, the population can be sustained and perhaps the Lynx may be seen once again in Portugal.