If you are purchasing a recently built property, it is essential to have a snag list prepared by an experienced Surveyor. Always remember that it is not in the developer’s or builder’s interest to identify problems, as money will have to be spent to put them right.


Of course, many of the items on a snag list are relatively easy to spot, but as building techniques and materials are unfamiliar to purchasers, DIY snagging is not recommended.


Our snagging service involves a detailed inspection of the property and a list of snags is prepared together with suggested remedies. It is in a simple, easy to follow format and is written in English. We recommend that a copy of this list be given to your lawyer as well.


The service includes two follow up visits to confirm that the work has been undertaken to a satisfactory standard.


At Property Lynx Chartered Surveyors, we do not provide a translated copy of the English version. We find that due to the technical terms involved this does not work properly and, as one might expect, the Portuguese do have different ways of describing defects or problems.


In cases where a Portuguese version is needed, the visit is undertaken in conjunction with a Portuguese Engineer. Two separate lists are prepared and each defect is numbered in exactly the same order to avoid any confusion. This will involve a modest extra charge.