Home Information Pack – Portugal  


Attention all Prospective Sellers  


In today’s difficult market conditions, why risk losing a sale because vital information is missing or isn’t available to a purchaser. In the UK it is estimated that property deals with a total value of £350 million fall through every year due to missing or incomplete information. This was one of the reasons why the UK Government introduced the compulsory Home Information Pack (HIP).


Lost sales are also a common feature of the property market here in Portugal, so wouldn’t it make sense for a seller to have a similar pack available to agents and to prospective purchasers?


Since 1st January 2009 under Portuguese law it is compulsory for every property to have an Energy Certificate. Notaries will insist that this document be produced before allowing a sale to be completed. An Energy Certificate is one of the compulsory elements in the UK HIP’s; they also contain details of legal title. Importantly, this title information is legally required here in Portugal before an estate agent is able to market a property


For the first time here in Portugal, it is possible to obtain a HIP. Although the Pack itself is not a legal requirement, it does contain all of the information legally required to complete a property transaction and much more.


As a site visit is undertaken by a Chartered Surveyor, we can provide a statement confirming that the property has been built in accordance with the approved plans, and a Portuguese lawyer will provide confirmation that the property is correctly registered with all of the relevant authorities.


At the same time, the Surveyor will be collating all of the information needed for the issuance of the Energy Certificate, if you require us to obtain one for you. Additional elements can be added to the HIP to ensure that potential purchasers have full and complete information. We can also include: -


-          short form survey

-          a topographical survey

-          energy certificate

-          analysis of the water supply

-          a gas safety certificate (prepared by a qualified gas engineer)

-          a statement as to the condition of the electrical installation (prepared by a qualified electrical engineer)


Is your property in good condition? A ‘short form’ survey report can be included in the HIP. If your home is in good condition, why not advertise the fact?


What if there are some problems with the house? Building techniques in the region are unfamiliar to most overseas purchasers, as are many of the commonly encountered problems or defects. If there are some minor issues, wouldn’t you rather know about them in advance – of course you would and so will a potential purchaser.


What if there are problems with the registration or legality of your property? Why wait until someone wants to make an offer on the house to find out? You will be aware that the planning law is constantly changing, but are you aware of the technical details? The earlier this type of problem is identified, the more time you have to find a solution. You can then take the steps necessary to prevent a newly covered terrace or external store becoming a deal breaker.    


Independent lawyers and planning consultants will inspect the documentation and, following the site visit will identify any planning or legal problems, which can be resolved. In today’s very difficult market conditions, why risk losing a purchaser?


Can you afford to lose a sale – DEFINITELY NOT.