Building Surveys

We are able to provide building surveys for prospective purchasers of residential properties.

Confidence plays a huge part in the decision making process when considering property purchase, particularly in a foreign country where building techniques and practices are quite different. The reports that we prepare identify problems and issues and will also comment on situations that may be unfamiliar to overseas clients.

For larger non-residential properties such as hotels, guesthouses, restaurants etc. we provide general advice on defects and can prepare schedules of condition.

Services Offered Include :

-           General condition surveys

          Schedules of condition

-           Building defects and investigation

In the UK, most purchasers will have some form of survey or inspection undertaken prior to purchase. It may be in the form of a mortgage valuation or a building survey, but an experienced property professional will visit at some stage.


A mortgage report prepared for a British bank will contain general information about the condition of the property, will list any significant defects and will recommend further investigations where serious problems are found.


Here in Portugal, although a valuation report will be prepared for the Portuguese bank, it does not contain any information about the condition of the property or identify specific defects.


Do not take the chance, even though the Portuguese bank may agree to advance funds for purchase, it does not necessarily mean that the property is free of problems or defects. Always get independent, unbiased advice – it makes sense.


If your lawyer provides us with a copy of the approved architectural plans before the inspection is made, we will be able to confirm if the property has been constructed in accordance with those plans or not. Any discrepancies will be reported back to the lawyer who will explain what implications there may be.


Unauthorised alterations may have been made to a property by owners who have long since disappeared – the present owner may be completely unaware of any problems and your lawyer will not visit the property. It is becoming increasingly important that buildings are correctly registered – do not miss this opportunity to protect yourself.