Additional Services


Topographical Surveys – Prepared by an experienced land surveyor who is familiar with the region, its terrain and legal framework.


Rental Licences (Alojamental Local) – In many cases the procedure is straightforward, but care must be taken to ensure that all is in order before an application is made to the local authority.


We can arrange for the appropriate licence to allow rentals at the property, however, it is important to understand that there are some very serious problems that could arise simply by applying for a rental licence. There are a large number of agencies and individuals who are offering this service, but we advise extreme caution.


We will only be able to advise on the best course of action in this regard once we have seen the legal documentation and approved plans and have undertaken a site inspection. Please contact us before you instruct others to provide this service for you.


Through our contacts we will ensure that you are made aware of any unforeseen implications before an application is made, and can advise what alterations or modifications are required to the property to enable the licence to be issued.


Virtual Tours – Through we can organise for a virtual tour of your property to be prepared. Such tours are a valuable aid to marketing, particularly in cases where estate agents are not being used.  


I-spy360 gives you access to one of the most successful and cost effective marketing tools available. It can be used to advertise property for sale or to rent or to display restaurant or commercial premises to potential customers.


We can also arrange for a virtual tour of your property that can be used as part of your marketing efforts. A virtual tour can be inserted into a web site or sent directly to potential purchasers. The tour will help purchasers to visualise a property far more effectively than still photography.


Although estate agents here have been very slow to embrace this new technology, in the UK it is very common. Many agents report a higher rate of successful sales from those who have already seen a property on a virtual tour. When someone actually visits your property for the first time, don’t forget they will have seen it in great detail before and will be considering seriously making an offer to purchase.